Found in the metal box in Ward 4A, during the investigation, was a memory stick containing a single audio file.  This was a recording made by journalists and others trapped within the hospital during the Dust, after the Great Exit which cleared the city.  The recording is an attempt made by those in the ward to record the events, while they still had equipment able to make this recording.  No film footage survived, but the full audio is available here.  Compiled from March 2021, and retrieved in the investigation in 2028, it is a record of what happened in the period following the arrrival of the first unknowns in the deserted Ward.......Click on the button below to listen to the audio.

Recordings from Memory Stick
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DO NOT BE ALARMED    "The Dust" is a fictional account, created by First Year students on the Applied Theatre course at Royal Birmingham Conservatoire.  Any similarity with people living or dead is entirely coincidental.  This site contains the elements of a story created through a devising process started in February 2020.  What would have been a theatre performance has been converted as a result of the Covid19 Crisis into an online account.  You can access the story and the drama through exploration of this site, which contains wide range of recorded content developed during the period of lockdown.  There are student devised and performed elements on many pages of the site, in particular the story on the 'memory stick' and the individual monologues on the page 'portraits of unknowns'.  Please feel free to explore the site thoroughly and leave feedback, including your own thoughts about exactly what might have happened in Ward 4A.

Credits:  Original footage of abandoned hospital taken from You Tube channel 'JPVideos81'. All other material created by students and staff.

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