INVESTIGATION     11/9/2028  Contaminated Area 45/6 former Kings Oak Hospital

Investigative Unit 24C sent into site of the former Hospital in Kings Oak, Birmingham, still registering 6.98 and uninhabitable for 327 years, discovered signs of Post Valentine's Day occupation in 2021.  Evidence confirming a renegade group occupied Ward 4A of the disused hospital for some time.  The team uncovered evidence of a group estimated 20-30 unknowns resident in the building.  IU 24C reports uncovering metal container with multiple items of evidence, including phones with recording, video blogs, and memory stick containing documentary evidence.

The Hospital was closed in November 2020, after the Covid-19 crisis had subsided.  It had been due for closure before but was pressed into continued service during the crisis.  When it closed, a tall solid fence was erected around it, with large gates for the construction traffic.  The demolition had already started and part of the building was gone when the dust fell.  The demolition team left and the gates were locked.  The hospital site was abandoned, forgotten and never checked.   At the back of the site, there is a small wooded area, and a panel in the fence had been forced…….