The contaminated zone is being entered for the first time since the great exit.  The investigators, in hazmat suits cut through the fence around the partially demolished hospital.  Finding their way through the overgrown grounds, they enter the old building.  In one Ward, Ward 4A they find a metal box, and in it there is a bunch of papers, drawings, writing, and an old-style memory stick.

Scrawled on the outside of the box are the words 'if you find this..'.



The investigators already know there must have been people in the hospital building after the Valentine’s Day dust, and it is thought that it accounts for some of ‘The Missing’.  But no one knows who was there and what happened……

The items in the box reveal bits and pieces of the story.  There are  notes, poems, and images and  there are phones with fragments of video.  These have been copied here.  Recorded on the memory stick, which has been compiled by journalists who were in the hospital at the time, is the story of Ward 4A, as far as it goes.

Before the dust a group of young people had forced the fence panel in the woods, and broken into the hospital site.  They had been hanging out there, carefully replacing the panel every time they went in


On 14th February, when the emergency sirens went off, and everybody received the texts to take cover, some of the young people were in the hospital,  several people made their way to the hospital from nearby, some escaped to it later, and others were guided there by those already in hiding, when the phones still worked.


Valentine's Day Dust
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Eyewitness Accounts of The Dust
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The Great Exit
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Life in the Hospital - interview
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